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Today I will take you in a beach situated in the island of Fuerteventura, called Jacomar .

As you can see from the photos inserted, on the map of the island of Fuerteventura, we can define the playa of JACOMAR be an almost southeast, for so as always we remind tourists, great place to see the sun rise ( ALMANACER ) , while the WEST coast is to see beautiful sunsets ( SUNSET ) .

For reaching us always recommend the use of a machine model jeep or rather a machine with large wheels and especially pay close attention to the dirt road you will encounter, as being in a bad road and the presence of stones and potholes.

The way to go is to the south, past the village of Las Salinas, continue for Pozo Negro , past Pozo Negro follow the main road towards the south, after about 5 km , you will notice on the left a sign to go to a finca called BIO FARM , where you can find excellent products with Aloe and also good oil, Product directly from them.

An advice, When you turn left, saw the sign of Finca Bio, you can not put you in the street to shoot, but you have to get onto the right, in a kind of pitch

after that , arrived at the stop , continue toward the dirt road in front of you ( see image )

Started the dirt road, drive into the ravine until you come across the signs as photos

where you will read in Valle de la Cueva ( 28.3033337,-13.9314936 ) while on’ You read the other indicazoni for JACOMAR beach ( 28.2728097,-13.917043 ) .

As you will see from the attached photos, There are several kilometers of dirt road, waves for which, We recommend traveling at low speed and for a machine safety issue, It is not rare for the possibility that during the journey find goats at rest right in the middle of the road !

The show will be presented during the journey is nothing short of amazing and we recommend, especially on a clear day you stop to enjoy the beauties of nature.

After about 10 km of dirt road, You arrive in the beautiful beach Jacomar, where you will meet during the summer several caravans of local people ( majoreros ) Intent especially in cooking good barbecue and enjoy fresh beers.

When ye are come into the beach, We remember composed of black sand, look to your left and you will see a fishing village in the distance, which you can only be reached on foot, We recommend therefore to have comfortable shoes and especially not in a hurry, as the path to do is a small path to the sea !

After about 10\15 minute walk, You arrive at the small fishing village and if the sea is calm you can enjoy the beauty of swimming in a pristine sea waters.

We enclose below the photo with the fishermen's small landscape, remembering that in any case will pass to visit their homes, for as much as you well know, do not miss a Hola , I can pass ? and surely the answer can only be ” man , of course that can happen ” .

Bon voyage and good exploration , the next article !


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