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Today we will talk about a very interesting topic but also very important for those who decide to buy a house in one of the components Canary Islands archipelago .

Always find out what type of realtor you lean but remember that more and more often in the Canary Islands are the fashion brokers and more often, thanks to the latest, the prices of certain items grow price and now We explain how .

For absurdity, a house that starts with a hypothetical price of € 100.000,00, if it passes from the two mouths ” intermediaries ” almost like magic here is that the price may become even 120.000,00 ( one hundred and twenty thousand ) and this why? simple , because everyone who executes the pass word must in every way ” gain”.

Dear prospective buyer, reminds that the fees to the real estate agency, that weigh over a sale does not have to pay you, but always pays the seller, therefore making a small example, If Mario Rossi sells X Agency to their homes and the commission if it is sold is 3%, i 3000,00 € Mario Rossi will pay them and not Mr. Luigi Brambilla who bought.

Below we will explain a good guide to help you understand how important the difference of choosing a REALTOR with regular license from an impromptu meeting at the Bar.

If you're buying a car, You are looking for a sales specialist to answer any questions and concerns you have on vehicle performance and ensure quality. If you are looking to buy or sell an apartment in Lleida, which it is perhaps the most important financial decision of your life, insured and entrust the services of a real estate agent specializing, We listed the five questions to ask before hiring a real estate agent:



  1. You are an API? The Real estate agents are trained professionals to practice in real estate transactions of houses and homes. The API is voluntarily collegial, He has a degree and adequate training to work. If you hire their services, you can ask for the card and the title. In the face of doubt, consultaci his Anyway, We explain some of the guarantees it offers an API:

An authorized agent who watches over the customer's rights and defends the legality.

Check the real estate data in the register of properties and recommend procedures, prices or procedures.

Hiring a’API It means establishing a fee freely agreed and that the professional association to which you have agreed voluntarily supervises your performance from an ethical point of view.


  1. At what price you sell the house? In an exercise of transparency, the real estate agent should tell you if the value you get for your property is superior to another similar in the same area or with the same characteristics. Moreover, no fooling you with unrealistic calculations, you would set an approximate time when there is a buyer or a seller for your apartment.

3 What strategy do you use to put my property on the market? With this question, you will have an exact idea of ​​how You will carry out the purchase or sale of the house. Moreover, you can compare the system that uses relative to other real estate agents. How do you do it? Put in print ads, using new technologies. The forms of promotion end up being the formula for differentiating the service.



4- You can inform the commission? Usually, the seller is the one who is obliged to pay the professional fees. Throughout the process of real estate transaction we must be informed of the service cost. Normally, the fees are between the 3 and the 5% of the final price, although some of this is always to freely determined between the parties.


  1. Can you give me references? Just as you do not put in the hands of an apprentice to make a medical intervention, sell an apartment is an obstacle course where not everyone is ready to do so. If you ask the services of a real estate agent, ask a collection of satisfied customers, advice from other professionals or a sample of the properties that have already sold.

Surely after reading this I can think of dozens of questions to ask before hiring the services of a realtor On we are pleased that you send them to us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Remember that on the web you can also find hundreds of offers of busquecasa , because this will help you have already an exact price, so you do not run the risk of falling into the wrong hands .

One last tip, If you want to buy house, make a nice holiday in one of the Canary Islands

Island of Fuerteventura

Island of Lanzarote

Island of Tenerife

Island of Gran Canaria

Island of La Palma

The iron

La Graciosa

La Gomera

so you'll have the opportunity to touch your dream with no surprises .


Thanks for your attention and the next episode .



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