Hyenas down the legs by Louis!


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We want to give space to Senator Gianluca Ferrara directly from your BLOG , in response to the transmission Reservoir Dogs.

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There are ricascate hyenas, again they are slings with their sharp teeth against M5s. #GiuLeZampeDaLuigi

Remember the story of Robert Fico "guilty" of having lived in the house of his partner where there was a woman (family friend) who would work in black? In recent days, however once again, just as it happens in some shady environments, He has in a cross struck the father of Louis to hit the son and then the M5s. The "heinous crime"Louis would have been to have had a father who would keep an employee in black. Certainly a crime (Luigi who is completely alien because the time was not even associate company) and as such must be denounced and punished even if committed in an area where depressed, Unfortunately, moonlighting, especially in the past, It was the norm.
When the service was broadcast on the history of the domestic workers of Robert Fico companion, I wrote a letter to the Dogs (who did not respond) which it was displayed only on Facebook for more than 1 million people.

It said in the text that the Hyenas do well to play aggressively their craft, but the problem is that they are hyenas with M5s but sweet koala with "natural thug" Silvio Berlusconi. Because the hyena that persecutes the M5s does a nice interview to his master about the sentence 12 years on the negotiation Mafia State Marcello Dell'Utri? That Dell'Utri which he founded in 1994 Forza Italy just with Berlusconi. What Yen, why not ask for clarification on the relationship between Berlusconi and the Mafia and clarification on conviction for tax fraud and 8 requirements that received? Why, instead, You go dredge up who knows how and where a worker well 8 years ago he worked with his father Luigi?
In other words, the Yen, why Look at the speck in another's eye and not the beam that you have in your eye? Luigi di Maio is a good boy with great passion is spending all my energy for our country and not for his company.
But beware, the invitation is: go ahead to attack, do your homework, but be aware that there'll stay longer because now millions of Italians have awakened from that couch where your master had relegated them, transforming them to spot fury and becere transmissions, from citizens to consumers.
The propaganda-half has started what is now the change!
Gianluca Ferrara
(Senator M5s)

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