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In this article we will present what are the procedures and costs following the purchase of a property in one of the islands that make up the Archipelago Canario, taking in this case the reference to the purchase of a house worth 80.000,00 € executed in’island of Fuerteventura, emphasizing that the board is always useful to ask directly to the real estate agency and the correct steps in the case of transactions between private individuals is always helpful to spend some more money, but lean to a Lawyer or Accountant, trying to avoid odd agencies that replacing the REAL professionals, We can not actually give you the same guarantees before the law.


The following shows the costs imposed on the purchase of a property on the island of Fuerteventura , taking reference of an apartment 77 sqm with garage 28 m site in Puerto del Rosario, from euro value 80.000,00 .

I notaries present on the island not many and you will be free to make you prepare estimates, although we can say that at the end, as if by magic the prices are all the same

notary base rate Cost € € 374,00, which of course can go up to 670 € for added costs simple copy , witnesses etc. etc., pointing out that the notary is not liable for legal purposes on problems that may arise on the property both before and after purchase.

If you buy from a manufacturer on the price of 80.000,00 You will pay € 7% in IGC ( Set governmental Canarian )

If you buy from a private pay the price of 80 the thousand euro 6,5% .

therefore 80.000,00 per 6,5% ( 5200,00 ) total = 85.5200,00
therefore 80.000,00 per 7% ( 5600 ) = Total € 85.600,00.

When the above procedure is finished, you'll have to visit the building Canario Government taxes and must pay the tax of 1% of the property's purchase value which in this case is € 80.000,00 x 1% = € 800,00

When you have done all this, Then for this to go to the Land Registry to perform the cadastral upgrade in order of municipal payments called THERE ( Property Tax )
which will be equal to 0,59% of the cadastral value,p
herefore, if the value of the cadastral office is € 80.000,00 the cost of’ THERE It will be € 472,00 annual , discounted by 5% if you will execute the direct payment from a bank account.
IMPORTANT NOTE : the cup THERE It IS NOT PAID above the well called GARAGE.

Another step to be performed will be to go to REGISTRATION OF OWNERSHIP to update the name and the cost can be up to around € 100,00, Note well that this step is important because if the person from whom you bought in the future you experience any problems , the government often has no communication with other offices and he always recognizes as the owner who has still made out and may have bad surprises , true that they are provable and then you can run for cover but if you can avoid it can only be of assistance.

After carrying out the above mentioned steps you need to go in the office called “Collection” bills in Puerto del Rosario for Home of And there basura ( GARBAGE ) .

If at the time of purchase were in another place residents , ultimately to the tasks described above remember to go to HACIENDA, our of the Italian Revenue Agency to execute the change of address by filling in the model 030

so that HACIENDA is always informed about the various home exchange .

Lastly , What is not unimportant, come to the office called ” Traffic ” ( our Italian engine ) to perform the change of dell'intestatario residence on the machine booklet .

CAUTION : For those who went to live in Puerto del Rosario , Remember, to EMPADRONARSE , It does not go directly to the office , but by filling in the Town Hall site ” APPOINTMENT “, from which you will notice that the wait times are long, Therefore, the sooner you do, before you “empadronate ” .

CAUTION : In Puerto del Rosario called the document HOJA DE VIAJE to those who are not in possession of green NIE no longer be released, because for them the white NIE's Provisional, therefore incorrect to be used to get discounts reserved to it .

REMEMBER : for EU citizens will need to update the data at each cabildo 5 years .
For non-Community is the term every two years .

Good stay .

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