Open a study to tattoos in the Canary Islands


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Today we will talk about tattoos, of rules and laws that regulate the activities. Once the person that performed a tattoo was branded a dangerous person, definitely linked to prison settings, but with the passage of time, always more often, we note that this fashion no longer follows a certain social model but rather has widened to the world that during the day giaca become blameless and tie entrepreneur and at night is transformed into fashionable warrior.

We'll talk with Massimo Miletus financial professional, to his credit with two shops called Sixth Sense present both in Italian land exactly in Florence in Via Baccio de Montelupo 101 ,and on earth Canaria and more specifically in Corralejo Calle Pizarro 42 , charming village located on the island of Fuerteventura.

This article will try to explain as best as possible the general guidelines to follow laws on earth Canaria directed to an opening of this activity , always remembering that the best way for anyone who decides to venture into an opening of any business is the support of a professional accounting firm with this in place and regularly writing to the local chamber of commerce .

Massimo Hello and thanks for your time

What are the requirements to open a tattoo parlor in the canary islands ?

Maximum: Ciao, surely to enroll in a health and hygiene course lasting about five days , where explains what must be the minimum requirements for health and hygiene factor on the local and prevention , Obviously the titles you have in other countries are not valid here , so that each country is always in need of their courses .

D) What are the first things you should pounce eyes of customers , when they enter into a tattoo studio ?

R) Obviously should pounce immediately obvious cleanliness and order , taking into account that must be absolutely not forgotten that a serious study always uses mono materials use and that each tool used should always be opened in front of the customer.

D) How important is it to have the gift of the drawing to become a professional tattoo artist?

R) E’ definitely a major feature but not essential, as it is said that a good sculptor is also a good painter and vice versa .

D) Following you on fb page Tattoo.Nails / I saw that several Italian tourists are turning to your skill to perform some work on your body and based on this we can say that a tattoo here you have an economic advantage in comparison to Italy?

R) The savings against italy is about 40% , All of course due to a tax factor and taxation .

Can I ask what advice Massimo'd give to anyone who decides to take over, or open a study Tatoo in the Canary Islands ?

I would recommend first of all to have a good holiday, trying to take as much information as possible, finding pros and cons of, especially trying not to fall into the hands whose, not to neglect professionalism, He tries to sell you a studio that has created more damage than profits and all this remember that you can not do that standing on the spot 15 days, but rather months.

Recall that the island has its own rules and is well informed, because often the course which was held in the Canary Islands is not always valid in Peninsula ( Spain), for so consult a good studio accountant is always a great start so we start on the right foot.

Thanking Max for the time that he wanted to dedicate, remember that good information is always helpful so we can compare in a serious and professional especially with local authorities.

Happy holidays to all


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